Madame La La: Self Tan Mousse – Review, before and afters


So recently I won an Instagram giveaway which included products from Everpro Beauty and Madame La La, here are my thoughts on the products I received from Madame Lala, an upcoming indie tanning brand inspired by the famous Hollywood glow: they’re 100% non-toxic, vegan, gluten free and organic – plus sides I was happy to hear.

The self tan mousse promises active hydration, using aloe and coconut water, as well as a streak-free, bronzed LA glow

It applied like a dream – I used a standard cheap tanning mitt and it had a beautiful guide colour. The tan fully develops within 3 hours and is completely non streaky, smooth, non-sticky and feels just like skin. The photos were taken 5 hours apart, and during this time and still now nothing has transferred onto any clothing or anything else.

It’s so hard to find a good tanner that doesn’t streak, rub off on clothes, smell like biscuits, or give an orange tan, but this is it. I wanted to upload this with completely no editing or filter to show you exactly how it comes out. In the second pic the sun had set so I used flash on my phone, but you can really see the difference! 5 minutes after putting it on it was dry and fine to dress yet still didn’t feel sticky before that: Before and after, (no filters, no editing)


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Xo Eden