Standard makeup services are offered at various flat rates* which can be found below:

Full Face (including false lashes)     £50

without lashes     £45

Bridal Full Face (including false lashes and trial)     £90

without lashes     £85

Prom/Event/Special Occasion Full Face (including false lashes and trial)     £70

without lashes     £65

‘No makeup’ makeup//Basics (skin correction, brows and lashes)     £45

without lashes          £30

Editorial/Commercial     TBD

*Flat rates are current rates for 2017 and may be subject to change in the future. Flat rates are based on bookings that can be completed within their allocated time slots. Upon consultation, bookings that appear to the artist as incompatible with their time slots will be subject to individual quotes. Any individual quotes given are final and will be given to/confirmed with the client prior to the completion of the booking. Any bookings confirmed by the artist as compatible with their time slots, that consequently exceed the given time, will incur no further charges. Time slots for flat rates are as follows: Full Face: 3 hours. Bridal Full Face: 4 hours. Occasion Full Face: 3.5 hours. Basics: 2 hours. Editorial/Commercial to be discussed (individual quote only).